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Over in Frisco, Texas Indeera Musa is suing Dr. Kirk E. Scott and Stonebriar Facial and Oral Surgery over what happened to her back at the beginning of 2020. She needed to have two dental implants removed and replaced. After the surgery, Indeera started complaining about mouth pain.

Obviously, after a major dental surgery you're going to have some pain. So the doctors prescribed some pain medicine and that was the end of that. Or so they thought. You see the pain Indeera was having never went away. Two times over the next two weeks after the surgery she was calling into complain about the pain. They allegedly said keep taking the pain medicine and it will go away.

Now this surgery happened on January 27,2020. She went in again for a followup appointment on June 8, 2020. An X-Ray scan on that day shows something lodged in Indeera's jaw. A drill bit was allegedly seen on the X-Ray which you can check out at this link.

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“It is unacceptable and reckless for any dentist or doctor to leave remnants of surgical equipment inside of a patient following a surgery,” said Indeera's attorney Russell Button. “Ms. Musa was forced to live in excruciating pain for five months because Dr. Scott and Stonebriar Facial and Oral Surgery failed to follow safety protocols that were created to prevent careless mistakes like this.”

According to the lawsuit, the office tried to downplay this as something normal that happens. The suit states Dr. Scott told her that “leaving pieces of metal drill bits in a patient’s jaw is of no alarm” and likened it to leaving metal bullet fragments in a patient’s body.

We will see what happens to this case once it goes to court.

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