The American Medical Association is taking a stand against Photoshop.

For decades, photo manipulation software has been whittling the waists and thinning the thighs of celebrities and models, and the AMA says it’s caused unrealistic and unhealthy body image issues — especially among children and adolescents.

Now the AMA has asked ad agencies to set more rigid guidelines for how such software is used before images are published.

When explaining the request, AMA board member Barbara McAneny, M.D., referenced a now-infamous Ralph Lauren ad from 2009, saying, “In one image, a model’s waist was slimmed so severely, her head appeared to be wider than her waist. We must stop exposing impressionable children and teenagers to advertisements portraying models with body types only attainable with the help of photo editing software.”

Some other countries advocate adding disclaimers to manipulated images. Were the US to adopt such measures, magazines may have more disclaimers than photos.

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