Fans of Harry Potter and fans of high fashion don't always align, but when they do it's magic, as in the instagram account Gryffindior.

Get ready to hit follow! Gryffindior takes stills from the Harry Potter films, and reworks them with classic looks from the House of Dior.

The account began with an image of character Hermione Granger in a blue feathered Dior coat.

Hermione is not the only character to get the special fashion treatment though. Check out Ron Weasley rocking a different look.

Muggle couture continues with a dashingly handsome Sirius Black in a suit that could be wizard friendly.

Hagrid's feminist attire could actually be hiding under that enormous coat, couldn't it?

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets would have had an entirely different outcome, if this book had been slipped in to Ginny Weasley's cauldron instead of Tom Riddle's diary.

And finally, this jumper was definitely not knitted by Mrs.Weasley.





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