"The Hunger Games" remains the top movie for the third week this Easter weekend. This afternoon I went to see " The Hunger Games" and I was not disappointed. I've read" The Hunger Games" series, and the film surprisingly kept true to the first book, even though the book has more insight into the  characters, I thought the movie was great.

This weekend's box office:

"American Reunion" takes second place, while the 3D version of the magnificent movie" Titanic" "came in third at the office bringing in a whopping, $17.3 million.  My daughter's best friend saw this movie and absolutely loved it!

"Wrath of the Titans" and "Mirror Mirror" ( starring Julia Robert's) were in  the top five, with $15 million and $11 million.

Check out the Top Ten list of movies this weekend and what they have earned since their release.

1. "The Hunger Games"’ — $33.5 million, $302.8 million total
2."‘American Reunion" — $21.4 million, new release
3."Titanic 3D" — $17.3 million, $25.7 million total
4."‘Wrath of the Titans’ — $15 million, $58.8 million total
5. ‘Mirror Mirror" — $11 million, $36.4 million total
6. "21 Jump Street" — $10.2 million, $109.5 million total
7. "Dr. Seuss" The Lorax" — $5 million, $198.1 million total
8. "Salmon Fishing in the Yemen" — $975,000, $4.6 million total
9. "John Carte" — $820,000, $67.9 million total
10."Safe House" — $580,810, $124.7 million total