Let's be honest, men are just not that worried about presents for Valentine's Day. That's not to say we wouldn't appreciate a gift, because we certainly would, it's just not the biggest deal for us guys.

However, I can say, without a doubt, that I would be all kinds of goo goo if i received this gift from my significant other, a heart shaped box filled with various jerky flavors. Where's the heart eyes emoji when I need it?

This comes from mancrates.com. The heart shaped box is filled some exotic jerky's including:

  • Black Pepper Buffalo Jerky
  • Garlic Buffalo Jerky
  • Whiskey Maple Buffalo Jerky
  • Black Pepper Elk Jerky
  • Garlic Elk Jerky
  • Honey Bourbon Elk Jerky
  • Honey Bourbon Wild Boar Jerky
  • Root Beer Habanero Wild Boar Jerky
  • Honey Bourbon Venison Jerky
  • Root Beer Habanero Venison Jerky


The box runs at a very good price of $44.99. It may be cutting it close to arrive by Valentine's Day but I entered my zip code of 75703 and it said the earliest it would arrive is tomorrow. Give it a shot anyway, I don't think the man in your life would mind if it was a little late.

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