With many governmental employees temporarily out of a job thanks to the governmental shutdown, Conan thought he should go through his staff to identify which employees are essential and which are non-essential and then furlough those employees until the government reopens for business.

After interviewing each employee and determining the ones that could be let go temporarily, even the one employee identified by other office mates, Conan determines that all of his employees are essential and ends up not furloughing any of them because they all are essential to keep the show going.

Now, hopefully those in Washington, D.C. saw this because we count on the government workers to keep things running smoothly.  The shut down has not only disrupted the U.S. government because those on Capitol Hill can't agree on anything, they have affected millions of lives of government workers and citizens of the United States of America. These government employees that have been furloughed depend upon their job just like you and I and furloughing them means no income for their families. Hopefully our Washington representatives get the message soon and will come to some long term agreement to keep the country solvent and not just a temporary fix for six weeks or so.

Thanks Conan for your insight!  Everyone is essential.

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