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  • Proper name - Cirsium texanum
  • The other Texas rose
  • See this monster-sized weed

In Texas if you have to mow your yard or pasture, you know when one of these big Texas thistles pops up, it's going to be a bad time. They are impossible to kill, and when you mow them down you usually get a bumblebee chasing you.

TikTok creator sweet_tea._ is from the Longview area in East Texas. That means that he knows how everyone hates these giant Texas thistles and wants them to die.

So what did he do? He gave it the best possible environment to thrive and be its best self. He claims to have watered it every day and put a little miracle grow on it to see what happens.

How Big Can A Texas Thistle Get?

The Texas Thistle can grow up to 6 ft, and from looking at the surroundings this one is fully maxed out. I've personally not seen one that big in a long time, and there are so many flowers.

They are actually edible plants, but when they molt and get this tall they aren't as good. It is also great for pollinators of all kinds, and some birds use the thistles for nesting material.

Everyone knows that this species can quickly take over a space if allowed to flourish. Each one of these blooms on this enormous Texas Thistle is trying to make more baby thistles.

Once carried by the wind, the seeds could end up permeating the entire area. They already grow so fast, I'm sure it didn't need miracle grow to reach this height. We have also gotten a lot of rain recently, so watering it didn't really have to happen either.

The creator Sweet Tea does mention that 99% of his content is just comedy bits. The real magic comes in the comment sections, as everyone is thinking the same thing we are. Here are some of the best from the story; take a look.

Thistle Get Messy In Texas

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