If your heroes have always been Cowboys, you are going to love this video!  Undoubtedly the most Texan thing you'll see today.

Kudos to the Weatherford Texas Police Department for not only having a great sense of humor but having the good sense to share a video that would brighten so many Texans' days.   Actually, I don't see anybody from any place not finding this funny and oh so decidedly Texan in nature.

Picture if you will a suburban shopping scene, tranquil and ready to greet the shoppers of the day when all of a sudden the general piece is disrupted by a freedom seeking bovine animal determined to stay that way.

Better yet, don't picture it: watch the video instead,  complete with perfect funny music, courtesy of the Weatherford Texas Police Department and the dash cams equipped on their squad cars.

One can only imagine ol' Bessie was craving some Raising Cane's!

Who was that mounted man anyhow? I wanted to thank him...for the show!

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