Summertime is approaching and many of you will be taking family vacations, or weekend road trips to various locations.  I myself have even thought about taking some trips so I was very excited to see that the website LendEDU have compiled a list of The Top 500 Best Cities for Summer Travel with Families and there are a lot of cities to visit including our very own Tyler, TX

Whether you're new to Tyler or have been here for years, chances are you have yet to explore all of the unique attractions here, which explains why this place is ranked as a nust-visit for families on vacation.  Allow me to show you a few of these attractions.


The Caldwell Zoo - 2203 Dr. Martin Luther King Drive

This hidden treasure started in 1937, when the founder David King Caldwell opened a child development Laboratory in his home.  The playschool was complete with parrots, monkeys, squirrels and other animals.  The place became a hit with the locals that it soon became a host of other animals and was officially named a zoo in 1953.  To this very day the people of East Texas cherish this Zoo.


The Tyler Rose Garden (world's largest) - 420 Rose Park Drive

This beautiful, world famous garden was established in 1952, and is the nation’s largest rose garden, which is over 14 acres. The Tyler Rose Garden has over 38,000 rose bushes and over 600 varieties and you have to check out the Tyler Rose Festival in October.  As a bonus in 2011 named this place one of the Top Ten Most Inspiring Gardens in the USA.


Rose Rudman Park - 450 Shiloh Road

If you enjoy a good walk, jog, bike riding, or rollerblading.  This would be the perfect getaway.  This would be great for a family picnic, or reading your favorite book under the tall trees that offer plenty of shade.


Also, a must see at Rose Rudman Park is the Tyler Cancer Bell which is located on the northeast part of the Rose Rudman Trail.  This bell was placed in honor and remembrance for cancer patients, their families, and caregivers.


So there you have it!  If you are planning on taking a road trip to Tyler, TX you will have plenty of sights to see and wonder places to have a good meal.  For more great places to check out , we put out a bucket list for East Texas and just maybe I'll see you in Tyler.

What else makes this city so fun to visit in the summer?

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