One of the reasons I haven't ordered anything from Amazon or any other online retailer lately is because I've been seeing everyone else on social media complaining about not getting their stuff when they're supposed to. Sure, you can point to a "lack of employees" and you can point to "porch piracy" but I'm going to point to folks like Mr. Mical Ford, who, instead of taking stuff off folks porches, he chose to take the WHOLE DAMN AMAZON TRUCK.

Let's Start From The Beginning, Because This Is Crazy.

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According to NBC DFW, back on Friday, March 25, Dallas cops arrested 42-year-old Nakemia Bryant on an outstanding warrant for driving while intoxicated out of Balch Springs. When brought in for questioning, investigators said she admitted to being involved in the theft of five Amazon delivery vans and provided detectives with the identity of her accomplice, 36-year-old Mical Ford.

The following day, detectives searched Bryant's home and found multiple opened Amazon boxes addressed to other residences.

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According to Dallas Police, Bryant and Ford are accused of taking five trucks over the course of three months, and during one incident, the pair punched the driver. On Wednesday afternoon, Dallas police released a video from inside at least one of the trucks where they identified Ford as the driver. In one of the clips, it appears as if someone is in the back of the truck with the packages.

Some Folks On Social Media Have Dubbed Him "The Purple Bandit".

Dallas Police
Dallas Police

As normal folks had a lot to say about Ford, but most of the focus was his choice of apparel while committing these crimes. I guess "Purple" is his "robbing" clothes, who knows. Police report while all the Amazon vehicles have been recovered the missing packages valued at over $15,000, have not. Anyone with information is asked to call Dallas Police at 214-671-3404.

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