Kadie Lynn's journey will continue on America's Got Talent. During Wednesday's (August 3) Results show, Kadie started the show in the bottom three with other acts lounge singer Sal Valentinetti and acrobats Throwings.

From there, the viewing audience was given 45 minutes to vote to save one of the acts. Sal Valentinetti was saved with 46% of the vote. The final decision of who moves on to the semi finals between Kadie and Throwings came from judges Howie Mandel, Mel B, Heidi Klum and Simon Cowell.

Howie and Mel B picked Throwings, Heidi and Simon picked Kadie. With the tie from the judges, the tie breaker came from who got the most votes from Tuesday night's performance. Kadie Lynn had more votes than Throwings and is now on to the semi finals. See Kadie's Tuesday night performance below.


Congratulations to our East Texas girl, if you don't know, she is from Kemp, for moving on to the semi finals. America's Got Talent will be taking a break because of Olympic coverage.

Congratulations Kadie and look forward to your performance in the next round.