Good news for Wade Hayes, who is continuing his chemo treatment after being diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer in December. The ‘Old Enough to Know Better’ and ‘I’m Still Dancin’ With You’ singer is back on his feet, doing some light working out and even getting ready to tackle the world of songwriting this week.

Hayes’ Facebook admin team gave fans an honest update last week that expressed the reality of the ups and downs the singer continues to face on a daily basis. “He says he’s doing OK,” posted Helen, the head of the singer’s fan club. “The first chemo [treatment] – 4 weeks ago – kicked him pretty hard, but the second one wasn’t so bad. He has his third one today. He was on his way to workout – the doctor cleared him to work with light weights. He’s trying to gain back some of the considerable weight he’s lost. He’s working on his music – has a writing appointment next week – is planning to put out another album.

“He’s bolstered by your prayers and support [and] is depending on them,” Helen continued. “He especially appreciates the encouraging messages he’s received from those who’ve gone through this same ordeal.”

Hayes underwent an extremely successful surgery in December, and began his six months of chemo soon after recovering from his stint in the hospital. All of us at Taste of Country continue to send our best and well wishes to Wade during this trying time.

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