Welcome to Michael & Shawn's Randomness. This is where Michael Gibson and Shawn Knight give you a peek inside a typical conversation between the two. Topics can include movies, video games, pop culture, serious talk or whatever comes to their weird minds. It is always completely random but always a lot of fun.

The premise is Michael and Shawn write down two topics and one stunt each. They are then put into a bag. Michael or Shawn will draw from the bag and have to either perform the stunt that is drawn or talk about the topic drawn.

The catch is that neither one knows what the other has written down. So Michael or Shawn could draw a topic they know nothing about but have to talk about it until the confusion overtakes them.

They would love to hear from you as well. Leave a stunt suggestion or a topic to discuss and maybe they will add it to their draw.

It's Michael & Shawn's Randomness. We hope you enjoy.

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