In "The Social Network," Jesse Eisenberg plays kind of a snotty, self absorbed genius. But actors are usually the polar opposite of their characters, right? Well, while Jesse was promoting his newest movie, he seemed to channel that same snotty character in an interview with a young blogger. The end result? Her in tears and a lot of people hating on Jesse Eisenberg.

In an interview promoting the new summer blockbuster "Now You See Me," the actor sits down with a young blogger named Romina Puga, who has a show with Univision. Of course, she isn't a professional like those on E!, but she's very cute and is still learning. From the beginning, Eisenberg is nothing but rude and it continues to escalate throughout the clip. Whether it was the insults or all of the making fun, the poor girl ended up in tears!

Puga wrote on her blog, "I knew how it was done but at this point I just wanted to go cry...". She then stated that she went back into the room after getting herself together to chat with Jesse about living in the same neighborhood, and his reaction was "You're still here?"

He may have been attempting sarcasm and just to be funny, but it did seem a little harsh. I love Jesse, so I sure hope he wasn't being rude intentionally!

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