Members of the Westboro Baptist Church were up to their antics again on Friday (July 27) – you know – protesting our U.S. military and spreading their anti-gay messages by saying God is punishing our military men and women for America’s views over gay marriage, and allowing gays in the military. Friday, however, the church was met by counter-protesters — a group of zombies!

A Facebook campaign started asking for people to come support the counter-protest after word got out that the Westboro Baptist Church would be protesting at a military base outside of Seattle on Friday. The result – about 300 counter-protesters dressed in varying degrees of zombie garb.

One counter-protester told a Seattle newspaper:

We wanted to turn something negative around, into something people could laugh at and poke fun at. It was the easiest way to divert attention from something so hateful.

Check out this video from a news report:

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