Ok, I'm gonna be Mr. Cynical Guy for a moment. Valentine's Day is nothing more than a marketing ploy. Buy flowers! Buy candy! Go to a restaurant! But, it is designed to be a very sweet day and a guy that's in a relationship should do something special for his significant other. And ladies, do the same. Love, kisses and hugs should abound on February 14.

But as a man who has been happily single for a while now, what should I do to celebrate the day?

Hmmm... well, there are a few ways to look at this. Should I head to a bar and converse with a single woman whose feeling down on this day of love? I might need to turn down the nerd in me.

Now, don't get me wrong, I have really enjoyed being single. My apartment is basically a giant man cave. It's filled with many Transformers posters and numerous collectibles (Transformers action figures, Pop! figures, video games, etc.). I can watch ESPN all day. I can buy a four-pack of toilet paper and it last six months.

But I digress... what else could I do? Too bad coin-op arcades don't exist any more. I could easily drop three rolls of quarters playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, NBA Jam or Donkey Kong.

I think sticking with old reliable may be the best option...enjoy the comfort of my couch and some PlayStation. I really wouldn't be alone, either. I'd be with someone who is always happy to see me, makes me laugh and gives me surprise kisses from time to time.

Michael Gibson / Townsquare Media
Michael Gibson / Townsquare Media

Then there is always the shopping spree for clearance candy on the 15th.

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