It seems like more and more stores are closing in Tyler. With Macy's leaving in 2017 a large retail space will become available, but which department store will fill it?

There are three different department stores that we don't currently have in East Texas, that I would like to see fill the void. I'll make my case below. Which would you like to see move into the space?


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    Currently, the closest Nordstrom store you'll find is in Dallas. They do offer free shipping and returns online, so they are still a great option if you love online shopping. I just love the experience of shopping in a Nordstrom store, and would love to be able to waltz in on a lunch break to pick up a few things.

    With humble beginnings as shoe store in Seattle in 1901, the Nordstrom chain has expanded and grown for over 100 years. Four generations of the Nordstrom family have operated the business with strategic partnerships. Reaching record profits in 2015, I think it's time they come to Tyler, TX.

    Joe Raedle, Getty Images
    Joe Raedle, Getty Images
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    Texans that wish to shop in a Bloomingdale's Department Store have a long way to travel, at this time we only have outlet stores from the retail chain in the Lone Star State. You'll find their outlet stores in the Park Lane shopping center in Dallas, and at the Grand Prairie Premium Outlets. Wouldn't it be a coup if Tyler, attracted a Bloomingdale's before Dallas?

    Opening as a bazaar in New York in the late 1800's, the luxury retailer has grown into a department store that covers an entire city block at the corner of 59th and Lexington Ave in New York, not to mention their chain expansion nationwide.

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    Neiman Marcus

    Neiman Marcus seems like the most logical fit to me for two key reasons. First it is a Texas based company that got it's start just before the oil boom here in East Texas, that continued to grow due in part to the economy of that boom. Second, we have Neiman Marcus national service center located in Longview. Tyler would seem to be a logistical advantage, nestled between the service center and the store's origins in Dallas.

    Currently, your closest NM Department Store shopping destinations are in Dallas, but there is one option in Longview. The Bargain Box operated by The Junior League of Longview sells Neiman Marcus items at drastically reduced rates to help fund their efforts in the community.

    Scott Olson, Getty Images
    Scott Olson, Getty Images

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