SHREVEPORT, LA - We all know about the tough road conditions in Louisiana. Our roads are in bad shape and we often land on the list of worst roads in the nation. But we are now near the top of a list for having the worst drivers.

But Louisiana is not at the top of this list.

Trucker News puts out a routine report on the problems with drivers across the nation. They get the information directly from truckers. The data is compiled based on fatality rates, crashes, traffic delays and much more.

What States Have High Accident Rates?

1. Montana
Highest rate of drunk driving and also in the top for careless and reckless driving.

2. South Carolina
In the top five for road rage which is not good and SC has the highest fatality rate in the nation.

3. North Dakota
The biggest problem here is the high rate of drunk driving.

4. Texas
Drunk driving rates are quite high and fatalities in Texas are also near the top in the nation.

5. Louisiana
Fatalities on the road in our state is near the top and we also lead the nation in careless driving.

But that is not the only factor listed by the truckers. Frustration is also a key point for these drivers who have to deal with motorists for hours on end.

What States Do Truckers Say Have the Worst Drivers?

Truck drivers say these states have the most difficult drivers.

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