We have all heard about the billions of Brood X cicadas that will invade the nation in the next month or so. The thought of it doesn't bug me too much, living in the south I have become used to the thought of those loud annoying creatures. I have a cat that will be in heaven knocking them down on the back porch, if it keeps our cat Melania entertained I am perfectly fine with it.

My dog Olive and our puppy Ralphie have caught a cicada or two and up until now, I was never really worried about it. Cicadas don't bite, they don't sting, so why should we be on high alert? In short, your dog can eat too many which may be very harmful to them.

According to ABC27, vets want dog owners to make sure their dogs aren't adding too many crunchy treats into their diet. Veterinarian Kevin Przybylski spoke with ABC 27 and said that too many cicadas will cause an upset stomach for your dog which will cause them to throw up. The good news according to Vet Przybylski is that cicadas don't produce toxins, so they won't poison your dog.

Keep in mind there can be some severe issues to come out of your dog consuming too many cicadas. There can be severe abdominal pain, vomiting, bloody diarrhea, and in really bad cases even possible blockages. Please make sure that your dog is going crazy with the crunchy snack of a cicada.

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