This week we've got a special song swap for Wild Texas Wednesday at Cowboy's. Join me for a night of cheap long necks, and live music from Prophets and Outlaws and Kaitlin Butts.

Prophets and Outlaws, easily one of the coolest bands out of the DFW area today. Relatively unknown outside of their hometown, they call what they do “Texas Soul,” and as more folks hear them for the first time, they are becoming less and less "unknown."

Quick question: How great do you have to be for someone, who is brand new themselves, still trying to get a secure foot hold on his own career, to bring you to a radio station visit with them, and share his spotlight?

Answer: Kaitlin Butts good.

That is exactly what happened when Dalton Domino showed up at my studio with Butts in mid-October. I’m like, “Dude, we like JUST started playing your music, and you’re bringing us some unknown … Oh, OK, thank you.”

Her music is simple, it’s exciting, it tells stories, it’s honest, it’s good. And we're bringing her back so you can experience it first-hand this week at Cowboy's.

If you are looking for music to love, hell even if you're not - come out to Cowboy's and you'll find it. This show will be one of those “Yeah, but I saw ’em when” moments that 2017 you will annoy all your friends with.

  • Wednesday Nov. 18: Prophets and Outlaws AND Kaitlin Butts (Acoustic).
  • Wednesday Nov. 25: Curtis Grimes.
  • Friday Nov. 27: Cody Johnson Band.
  • Wednesday Dec. 16: Josh Abbott Band.
  • Wednesday Dec. 23: JB and the Moonshine Band.

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