If you're like most people, you probably have a pretty good idea of what your job is all about -- and you're probably wrong about a lot of it.

Author and former Apprentice contestant Carolyn Kepcher has compiled a list of common workplace myths that we need to steer clear of.

Co-workers are my friends: It's important to draw boundaries. You can't break up with co-workers -- you have no choice but to see your co-workers every single workday.

My personal life is my business: Your private life is private, until you do something that reflects poorly upon your employer. For example, don't bad-mouth them on Facebook. Even if you do not face disciplinary action, your future career may take a hit.

They need me here: They may, but millions of unemployed workers learned that their jobs are not as secure as they once thought. Being valuable is realistic, feeling irreplaceable is not.

Salaries are set fairly: If a co-worker did a better job at negotiating his or her salary than you, remember it's your job to negotiate for yourself. Employers will pay what they feel they need to pay to keep an employee, and nothing more.

H.R. is here to help me. H.R.'s ultimate role is to protect the organization - sometimes from you. Don't use them as a shoulder to cry on for your every workplace woe.

How much time do you spend complaining about your job -- or looking for a new one?

Do you share your feelings about work with your co-workers, or keep them hidden?

What's the one thing you would change about your job -- realistically?

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