You think your town has some dangerous roads? Get a load of this one.

YouTuber Adam Palya posted this (somewhat NSFW) video of a four-way intersection in Los Angeles that just so happens to lack stop signs or traffic lights -- you know, those things drivers need to obey to make sure anarchy doesn't break out on the streets while they try to safely make it from A to B.

Palya provides hilarious commentary as he watches cars on Glyndon Avenue and Venice Boulevard struggle to make turns on a roadway that plays out like a video game. It's pretty ironic, if you think about it: Los Angeles is notorious for slow-moving traffic, yet this clip shows us the madness that can result when motorists are given free reign over the streets.

If the above video didn't fully prove to you how wild and unsafe the intersection is, feel free to watch another clip. Make sure you've got your seatbelt on, though. You'll need it.

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