Country singer Tim Cifers impressed ‘X Factor‘ viewers with a vulnerable and sensitive rendition of Luther Vandross’s ‘Dance With My Father’ that left one judge uninspired. The 30-year-old sales manager from North Carolina felt he gave his best effort, but L.A. Reid disagreed.

“I wanted more. It was good, but I wanted so much more from him,” Reid said after guest judge Rihanna raved about his vocals. It was a difficult song choice for the father of two, as it required patience and a sensitivity that a younger singer may not be capable of. Before he began singing, Cifers talked about how difficult it was to leave his family for the few days he spent at Reid’s home in the Hamptons.

“Before I left home, my son said, ‘God, please keep Daddy safe on the plane’ and handed me his stuffed monkey said, ‘Take it with you. I want you to have it.’” Cifers teared up when talking about wanting to give his family more. He grew up on his grandparents’ farm, where he spent his time fishing, hunting and working the land.

“I want my parents to experience that countryism,” he said. It remains to be seen if Cifers will move on to the Top 16 live rounds that begin on Tuesday. It looks like four of each group of eight will move forward. Cifers and 16-year-old Skyelor Anderson are the ‘X Factor’ contestants that have been loyal to country music thus far.

Watch Tim Cifers Sing ‘Dance With My Father’ on ‘X Factor’

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