The Zac Brown Band have decided to cancel all 2020 tour dates, including the full Owl Tour and the entire Roar With the Lions Tour.

All who purchased tickets will be refunded automatically if they purchased their tickets through Ticketmaster, or upon contacting the retailer. The announcement was made in an email to fans subscribed to their email newsletter that was then posted online.

"Touring is our life blood and performing live for our fans is the best part of this job," the note reads. "Bottom line though, we want to take every precaution to put the health and safety of our fans and crew first."

The tone of the announcement reflects the tone of singer Zac Brown's video message earlier this week, where he tearfully told fans he had to lay off a significant portion of his crew and then angrily spoke out at those not taking the coronavirus seriously.

"To those of you taking proper steps to keep yourself and those around you healthy, thank you," the letter reads. "To those of you still out there not taking this seriously, it's time to wake up. The longer you wait to self-isolate, the longer entire communities will be out of work and the longer it will take our country to recover."

The Owl Tour was slated to pick back up again on April 25, while the Roar With the Lions Tour was slated to begin in May and last into October.

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