Tropical Nights' "Boots in the Sand" is an all-inclusive, four-night getaway in Riviera Maya, Mexico, featuring some of country music's biggest stars, an all-inclusive resort and more fun than you can imagine.

If the idea of an incredible vacation still intrigues you, here are 10 great reasons why you should book your trip to Boots in the Sand 2014. 

  • 1

    Jana Kramer in a Bikini

    Guys, if you're single and need an excuse to get away for some fun with the bros, you'll be able to experience Jana in a bikini. Guaranteed. She might even share a pool with you.

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  • 2

    Brantley Gilbert Shirtless

    Ladies, if you rolled your eyes at No. 1, this one's for you. Pack up and head to the Hard Rock Resort with your lady friends and imagine Brantley Gilbert coming out of the ocean in board shorts, shirtless and staring right at you. You're welcome.

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  • 3

    All Inclusive = Open Bar

    When we say all-inclusive, we mean it. Your room, food ... it's all covered. But, the booze is all included, too. And we're not talking Heaven's Heel vodka and cheap whiskey. This is the top of the mountain when it comes to bars. ALL THE MARGARITAS included, y'all.

  • 4

    Perfect Weather

    Your first reaction when you see the dates (Feb. 23-27) might be negative, but think about it. Yeah, the weather's going to be cold here (and you know how much Texans love cold weather), but in Riviera Maya, Mexico, it's gonna be perfect outside.

    Hard Rock Resort
  • 5

    No Kids!

    The American flag is a symbol of freedom, and freedom is what you'll have for the entire time you're at Boots in the Sand. Yeah, we love our kids, but God knows we need a break. Imagine getting YOUR spring break before your kids get theirs. Send 'em to grandma's house for a few days. But if you've gotta take 'em with you, Boots in the Sand can accommodate that, too.

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  • 6

    This is Your View

    No words necessary. Moving on ...

    Hard Rock Resort
  • 7

    Great Country Music

    Dierks Bentley, Jana Kramer, Billy Currington and Brantley Gilbert are going to headline each night at Boots in the Sand, but there also will be even more artists and bands there to make it a complete country music experience. Imagine all your favorite songs from the radio being played right in front of you ... on the stinkin' beach! And we can't forget one thing: There are a maximum of 2,500 people who will be there. So, you won't be surrounded by enormous crowds everywhere you go like you would at a concert. It's intimate, and it's going to be a blast.

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  • 8

    Every Room Has a Hot Tub

    Yep, that's your room. Every day. And every day you can get in a hot tub IN YOUR ROOM. No sharing it with strangers. No trying to find that perfect time for it to be empty. It's all yours any time you want it.

    Boots in the Sand
  • 9

    Get a Tan

    Tanning beds = bad. Sunlight in Mexico = amazing. Just for that, we're going to show you another beach picture.

    Hard Rock Resort
  • 10

    It's Actually Affordable

    We get it: Money's tight (believe us, we work in radio). But if you're looking for a great vacation that doesn't cost much more than a cruise, this is perfect. Prices start at $1,449 per person, but again, that includes everything you can imagine except your airplane to take you there. And if you're savvy at Priceline or other online travel sites, you can get that cheap, too.