Serial killers, whether in Texas or other states, are evil. But yet, we are fascinated by their actions. Why do they feel the need to carry out their killings? Why are they so brutal? How do they determine their victims? Throughout history, there have been many serial killers to either start their spree or commit an act in Texas. Below are 13 stories of the serial killers who brought their killing spree to the State of Texas.

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13 Notorious Serial Killers Linked to Texas

Many consider America's first serial killer came from Austin and may have left to become the world's most famous killer.

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The Evil of These People

Real life serial killers, plain and simple, are evil. Part of that evil could come from abuses as a child, as is the case with a couple of Texas serial killers. Others are just evil to the core and there is nothing that could have been done to cast that evil out.

These killers all had different methods of taking their victim's lives. Some were quick with not much suffering while others were long and torturous. Most of these killers were caught but a couple did go unsolved like in Austin and Texarkana.

Servant Girl Annihilator

In the 1880's, servant girls were being killed in a gruesome manner late at night. This went on for about a year with no clues into who was doing it. Townsfolk of Austin at that time lived in fear. In total, seven women and one man were killed while six women and two men were seriously injured by the so called Servant Girl Annihilator. No one was ever caught for these murders. Some believe whoever this person was traveled to England and became Jack the Ripper as that killing spree started about three years after these attacks and the killer used similar killing methods.

Phantom Killer

In 1946, right after World War II, there were four unsolved murders in Texarkana on both the Texas and Arkansas side. These attacks happened between February and May of that year and mostly involved young couples who were stopped along a "lovers lane." A couple that survived an attack described the man as wearing a pillow case over his head with holes cut out for his eyes. The perpetrator was never caught. It is believed that the slasher movie genre began with The Town That Dreaded Sundown in 1976 which used these killings as the basis of the movie's plot.

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