ROAD TRIP!!!!!!  Based on the website Only In Your State they put out a list of 14 gorgeous lakes to visit in Texas this summer and three of them are right here in East Texas.  So, I did some investigating and this is what I discovered.

Caddo Lake is 78 miles outside of Tyler, Texas and on the Texas/Louisiana border.  It is one of Texas’ few non-oxbow natural lakes and the 2nd largest in the South and if you’re not careful you might run into Bigfoot.

Toledo Bend Reservoir is 66 miles outside of Tyler on the Sabine River between Texas and Louisiana, and it’s the largest man-made body of water in Texas and the largest in the South.  You can enjoy the many activities like swimming, boating, fishing and camping.

Lake Cypress Springs is 100 miles outside of Tyler, Texas and just by looking at the water this place is a definite visit on the list.  Outside of great fishing, you can enjoy grilling, scuba diving, and camping with family and friends.

The summer months are on the horizon and I have said to myself in 2017 that I wanted to travel more and since I have arrived in Texas this would be the perfect opportunity to follow through and explore my new territory.

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