Texas land owners spend a large majority of their time trying to trap them, poison them, catch them, or just kill them any way they can. Celebrating their demise will be top priority this coming weekend for East Texans everywhere as the self-proclaimed "Feral Hog Capital of Texas" will throw down with chili, arts and crafts and plenty of live music to help your weekend.

Ben Wheeler will pack the streets starting Friday as the chili cook-off teams assemble to prepare their main entrée of the day in anticipation of the crowds that will ensue on Saturday starting at 10 am. Cooking teams will be rolling through the night preparing for the judging that will take place at noon on Saturday.

Organizers are asking that if you're a vendor, a cooker, want to be in the parade, are a music lover, have an amazing talent or a just a lover of piggies - COME TO BEN WHEELER Saturday and stick around! The parade will start at 10 am with music going all day long starting around lunchtime.

Keep an eye out for music line-up in the next day or two by checking back in on Tuesday. Don’t forget cook off runs all night Friday, judging at noon Saturday with winners announced at 3:30 pm.

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