Can you believe it’s graduation season once again, there are so many young adults that are about to make a huge impact on the world but first it’s time to celebrate. Not just for the students graduating but for all of the friends and family members who have supported the graduates. But if you have someone close that is graduating this year what are some great gift ideas for a graduation present? 

It’s a question that most people struggle with because you want to get the graduate something they will actually use in life but it’s difficult to identify what that would be, which is why so many people just go with giving cash as a gift. Let’s be honest, cash is always going to be appreciated by anyone graduating but for this list of graduation gift ideas I wanted to think of something beyond just cash. 

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Lots of Great Ideas Online 

On social media I saw this question pop up and there were over 100 comments regarding graduation gifts although I would say 30% of the responses all said cash. There were other more creative ideas and some of those ideas made the list that you can find below. 

Support Beyond a Gift 

Remember that these graduates have worked hard to walk across that stage with their classmates, but they are about to experience a lot of new things after graduation. These graduates need your support as they navigate all these new life experiences. Just know they will continue to need your support and guidance even after graduation, that will mean more than any cash you put in a card. Not let’s look at some more creative graduation gift ideas. 

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