This Netflix-original series has gotten rave reviews from essentially all of its viewers, and if you're not one of them yet I think you should change that now.

As a non-avid TV watcher, the fact that I have been hooked on 'House of Cards' is a big deal. It's an incredible series, unlike any other I've ever seen. In fact, I recommended watching it as one of the top reasons to spend Valentine's Day watching Netflix this year.

If you have felt inspired to check out the series but haven't had the chance yet, this list of reasons may make you turn on the Netflix even sooner:

1. Kevin Spacey

The 54-year-old actor makes the show everything that it is. As the lead role, Spacey plays U.S. Congressman Francis "Frank" Underwood. As a conniving politician, Spacey and his actions will surprise you in every single episode. You'll never see what's coming next and you'll inevitably be shocked each time something happens.

2. The Politics

Yes, it's true - politics suck people in. They attract a lot of people because most individuals have a stance on the issues at hand. It's likely that you'll love the politics that are happening in the show, or you'll dislike them so much that you can't seem to stop watching. Either way, you'll probably enjoy it more than you expect to.

3. Availability

Busy schedule? No time to watch TV? Hate commercials? Yeah, me too. None of those are excuses for not watching this show. The entire first season is on Netflix (without commercials, of course) for you to watch on your own time. And the second season will be added in its entirety on Friday, Feb. 2. So feel free to binge watch if you have some free time.

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