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I am a proud citizen of the United States of America. I vote, I go to church, I pay my taxes, and I follow the law of the land for the most part. However, I feel like I may have kicked a hornet's nest with a question that I posted to my personal Facebook page this morning. If you missed it, I asked, 'With the 4th of July coming up... if our forefathers could see us today, what would have them rolling over in their graves?'

I was hoping to have a little bit of fun with this, but nope! Folks came out of the gate swinging. Even though I did get a few laughs from my idea that they wouldn't understand why they weren't allowed to be called our 'forefathers' anymore.

Here are just a few of the responses I got...

Tommy Williams
Founding Folks? Actually, it’s not funny! I’m just glad I’m at an age where I won’t live long enough to see how it ends!!

Ray Bone Merrow
The amount of control the government has over not only the states but the American people. They would probably be stacking bodies with tyranny that is going on in the government today.

Martha Belchic-Loeb
Lack of nuclear families.

David D. Knight
Just about anything going on within BOTH parties... cancel culture... you name it.

Mike Dooley
Two things can turn this Country around!! Divine intervention and a revolution!! The first won't happen when we are killing unborn babies!!! The second won't happen because people want someone else to fix the problem.

Katy Mead
That we want to hold them accountable for the land they stole and the legacy of genocide they instilled.

Ashley Peters
Megan Thee Stallion!

Geof DeWerff
The self-serving way politicians behave; both sides of the fence.

Leigh Santoro
The politicians took God out of our country.

Debbie Hoover Sempter
I'm sure the entire Congress would be on trial for treason.

Mary Beth Tucker
The thought that we can’t remember how Ellis Island worked... they’re rolling, alright.

I've tried to include a wide array of responses, but we'd still love to hear from you with yours!

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