Every now and then we like to check out popular auction site eBay to see if anyone is selling anything associated with our radio station.

But today I did something a little different, wondering what kind of cool stuff I could find about the city of Tyler itself on eBay. After searching through several pages of eBay listings, I found some pretty sweet stuff!

From old postcards, to fishing lures, to vintage pictures and more, eBay has a lot to offer if you're a history buff or just like to look at stuff relating to Tyler.

Here are five things I found on eBay dealing with Tyler that are pretty sweet.

  • 1

    Wooden Model of the Old Smith County Courthouse

    Starting bid: $275

    Smith County has had seven courthouses stand in Tyler, and none of them have been as beautiful as the one that stood downtown from 1909 to 1955.

    One eBay user handcrafted this model completely by hand and out of wood to showcase the beautiful architecture that was featured downtown for more than 40 years.

    Strangely enough, the old courthouse has been in the news recently since the city refurbished the old clocks that stood on the courthouse and placed them on the new Fair Plaza parking garage downtown.

  • 2

    1929 $10 Bill from Tyler Bank

    Starting bid: $254.79

    This is pretty sweet -- a $10 bill from 1929, issued by Citizens National Bank in Tyler. Bills like this are very rare and hard to come by these days, and it's cool to see a bill issued by a bank that still exists -- and the bill was issued right when the bank first opened in the midst of the Great Depression.

  • 3

    1950s Tyler Rose Festival Post Card

    Starting bid: $10

    The Texas Rose Festival is one of the biggest and longest-running traditions in Tyler's history. Here's a pretty cool postcard, presumably from the 1950s, that says "Greetings from the Tyler, Tex., Rose Festival," with pictures of the queen, her court and the coronation.

  • 4

    1964 Bloch Metals Zippo Lighter

    Starting bid: $30

    Bloch Metals still stands on Industrial Avenue in Tyler, and on eBay you'll find this vintage Zippo lighter from 1964. And it still works!

  • 5

    1940s Hotel Blackstone Post Card

    Starting bid: $7

    The Blackstone Hotel was built in 1922 on the corner of Broadway and Locust in Tyler, and a nine-story tower was added later to house an additional 64 rooms. It was renovated and expanded again to add 30 more rooms and a parking garage in the 1950s. The hotel closed on Dec. 31, 1975 and was imploded in Oct. 1985.

    The Blackstone Office Building was constructed just north of the hotel in 1939, and it is still being used today and houses the Tyler Chamber of Commerce.

    You can watch video of the demolition here.