Craigslist is definitely a one of a kind website. You can find just about anything your looking for, or can sell just about anything you want to get rid of, but dealing only with people in your area.. Buy a pet, find an old friend, hire someone to do yard work, or trade that old laptop for a new IPad. But there are some very strange and unique ads posted on Craigslist. We went through the loval Tyler/East Texas Craigslist page, and found some odd ads, to say the least.

  • river seal, Flickr
    river seal, Flickr

    Chicken Trades Days


  • rufusashford, Flickr
    rufusashford, Flickr

    Traveling Tattoo Artist


    Want a tattoo but aren't motivated enough to leave your house and have a professional do it? Well that's OK, this traveling tattoo lady will just come to your house.

    Although I'm not sure that's entirely legal.

  • oldmantravels, Flickr
    oldmantravels, Flickr

    Wilderness Survival Lessons


    If you ever plan on not being a part of socialization and decide you want to move into the woods, this is the place for you. Take wildlife survival courses so you know exactly what you need to do to survive.

  • reassaure, Flickr
    reassaure, Flickr

    Anyone Missing A Pigeon?


    Apparently, seeing pigeons in East Texas is rare. This person found a pigeon near her apartment and since it has a number it's someone's pet. So if you lost your pigeon, you should call her before it flies away.

  • escuela.hispana, Flickr
    escuela.hispana, Flickr

    Learn How To Build Credit While You Learn Spanish


    While you're paying to learn Spanish, you may as well pay to get advice on how to build credit right? This lady will teach you Spanish, but will also tell you how she got her credit so high, but not in Spanish. The two go hand in hand, right?