How often do you show yourself some love?

Recently I shared with you three of my favorite self care practices, and I thought it would be fun to expand on it. I am currently on a journey to take better care of myself, and I thought I would share some additional practices that I am beginning to incorporate into my routines and habits.


You can pick up a journal just about anywhere. Whether you grab an old composition notebook that didn’t get used from school supplies, or you find one that inspires you at Half Price Brooks, listing five things you love about yourself is a great way to begin showing yourself some love.

Letting Others Love You

Another way to love yourself, is to meditate on the way others have shown you love. How does your mom show you love? Does she cook for you? What about your friends, have they listened when you needed to vent? How does your significant other show you love? Is it with a gift from a great local shop like Spin Out, or is an act of service like doing the dishes so you don’t have to after cooking? Take some time to sit still, breathe and feel how great that felt to show yourself a little love.

Caring for Yourself

You know I’m all about self care. I love to take yoga classes, meditate and my favorite way to relax is to get a massage with healing Himalayan salt stones. It allows me to escape the day to day stress and it gives me a great recharge. There are many great massage therapist in Tyler. I’ve been to several over the years, but my current favorite spot is Hand and Stone Massage and Facial Spa in Tyler. Bonus… it’s in the same shopping center as Half Price Books, so you can grab that journal before you go, and write about the experience after!

Releasing Burdens

This is a tough one for me. Maybe it is for you, too? Do you find that you’re too hard on yourself for a mistake or something that you forgot to do? Maybe you said something that you wish you could take back. Whatever it is… I’m learning how important it is to let it go. Take a few minutes to think about how that would work best for you. Sometimes it’s through journaling, maybe it’s telling a friend, or it could be prayer and meditation. Maybe work it out through exercise. There are loads of places to raise your endorphins locally.

 Affirm Yourself

I love affirmations. I have an app on my phone that shares one with me each hour. They remind me to stop and take a minute to reflect on how awesome I am. Eek! It was hard to type that sentence. That’s why affirmations are something I’m working to employ. We need to remind ourselves that we’re capable of success in order to actually achieve it. Whether you’re going for a promotion at work, or you’re leaving your traditional job to pursue entrepreneurship, consistently affirming your success helps keep you in the right frame of mind to achieve it. Local artists like Hailey Potter even make custom water color prints that you can place by your mirror to see a beautiful affirmation everyday.

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