It's April Fool's Day today (no, seriously!), which in recent years has morphed into God's gift to the Internet.

Today, sites everywhere are doing their best to prank unsuspecting users, and we'll be the first to admit that we've fallen for a few of them. (Thanks, Google!)

As such, we've pulled together the best jokes and gags across the web that will have you laughing all the way to April 2.

This faux product uses a "spatial tracking algorithm" that replaces the everyday keyboard with body motions. (Example: To reply all to an email, simply point both of your thumbs backwards.) For lazy people like us, we sort of wish this was actually real.

Friday or Die

The popular humor website has fittingly dedicated its entire page to 'Friday' singer Rebecca Black, complete with a fake 'Behind the Music'-esque documentary. As much as we love this gag, we seriously hope it (not to mention Rebecca Black) disappears by Saturday.


The online video streaming site went Internet retro today, with promos for outdated shows, links and clips. Among the highlights: an 'X-Files' episode that promos "up-and-comer Lucy Liu" as its guest star. Those were the days.

Think Geek

These dorks put their thinking caps on once again to bring us some of the funniest fake products on the Internet, including Angry Birds Pork Rinds and Edible iPhone Gummy Cases. Is it lunch yet?

Ever wonder what YouTube would have looked like 100 years ago, in 1911? Well, here's your chance. (Seriously, who needs The Evolution of Dance when you have The Irksome Citrus?)

Helvetica Gets Funny


And now for all you design nerds: Simply Google the font "Helvetica" and watch as the entire search engine transforms into Comic Sans, thus proving that the much-maligned font really is a joke.

One staffer's office is transformed into a "pretty pink princess wonderland." Note to self: Never go on a weekend getaway, especially at the end of March.

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