Though the workday is almost over, there is still plenty of time to pull some last minute pranks on your friends and family this year.

Oh, April Fools, the day we all get to act like complete jerks and get by with it. Luckily it's only one day each year, otherwise we would all be constantly on-edge. 

If you haven't played enough pranks yet today, try some of these simple ones before the day is over:

1. Fishing for Cash

Find some fishing line, a dab of glue and a dollar bill (or more if you're feeling really advantageous). Attach the line to the bill with a dot of glue and place the bill in a busy location. Grab the other end of the fishing line and hide nearby where people can't see you and settle in for some serious people watching. Each time someone tries to grab the money, tug on the line a little and move it away from them until they notice they're being pranked!

2. Salty Surprise

This one works especially well if you share a bathroom with someone, but make sure you're there when this happens if you want to see the full effect. Throw a little salt on their toothbrush and wait for their facial expression when they start brushing their teeth with the combination of salt and toothpaste!

3. Classic Sink Prank

If your kitchen sink has a handheld sprayer, find a clear rubber band and place it around the handle that initiates the water spraying. When you place the sprayer back make sure it's facing where the person who is using the sink would be standing. Then, I would just hang out in the kitchen and wait for someone to use the sink and get sprayed! I would also recommend running away quickly or being far enough away from the sink that you can't be retaliated against.

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