It's hard to prank tech-savvy kids by telling them the Wi-Fi is out, but maybe parents can get 'em in other ways.  We have a few silly ideas.

If your kids are anything like mine they love goofy tricks and silly surprises, and April Fool's Day is the perfect time to whip out the styrofoam peanuts and mess things up a little. I shared a few ideas last year with the help of, and they're pretty timeless.  Most of them involve our favorite room in the house -- the kitchen.

April Fool's Day Prank Ideas

1. Rainbow Water. If you have some dye pellets for coloring Easter eggs, tape one just under the tap of your child's bathroom faucet.  When the water starts, it will run out blue or purple, or whatever color of dye you choose.

2.  Cereal tricks.  The box looks okay from the outside, but you've replaced your family's favorite cereal with styrofoam packing peanuts or elbow macaroni.  When they dump it out they'll yell, and then you can decide if you'll let them have the real thing or not.   

3. Veggie Chips.  Replace a single-serve bag of chips with baby carrot chips, cucumber slices, or pepper strips.  If you can slice the bag open from the bottom and seal it up again with tape, they'll open the bag from the top and wonder how in the heck the veggies got in there.

4. The Cabinet Shuffle.  Move things around in the kitchen cabinets.  Put the coffee cups where the bowls should be, the plates in the silverware drawer, and put the forks in the spatula drawer.

5. Backward Day.  Put your clothes on backward and act completely normal. You could even insist that the rest of your family go put their clothes on “properly.”

6.  Toilet paper in the shoes.  Wad up some TP in the toes of your family's shoes and when they put them on the shoes won't fit.

7.  Jelly beans in the ice dispenser.  When they press the ice handle, all of their favorite jelly bean flavors will flow out into the cup.  My girls are huge Jelly Belly fans and this is their favorite trick ever.  They want me to do it every day.

Romper has more harmless jokes HERE.

I'm SO not a fan of mean tricks, lies, and over-the-top embarrassing April Fool's jokes that get people in trouble.  But silly little pranks are fun, especially if you've had a year of sitting at home slightly bored, wondering how you can make the house more interesting.

April Fool's Day is next Thursday, so you've got six days to plan the attack on your family.  Toilet paper and elbow macaroni are back in full supply, so it's all coming together.

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