This is a sober confession to a murder. This video confession is 22-year-old Matthew Cordle's way of trying to help all of us realize something we desperately need to change. Watching this will bring the reality of what drinking and driving does.

The night of June 22, Cordle let a bar blacked-out drunk to drive home. On this ride he hit and killed Vincent Canzini. This video is his confession. He recorded this to beg all of us to not drink and drive. He wants to save your life and your victims' lives.

It is powerful and moving to watch this young man face what he has done and to stand up for the right thing to be done. He does not want to be able to walk away from that fateful night because Canzini did not get that privilege.

Please, listen to these sobering words. Follow in Cordle's footsteps and take responsibility. Do as he begs. Save a life.