Drinking and driving continues to be a very prevalent problem in East Texas.

For some reason folks continue to believe that no matter what intoxicated state they are in, they can somehow drive home ignoring risks that put themselves and others lives in danger. But in Texas, the BARS and CLUBS who are supposed to put a stop to folks overindulging can find themselves in a world of trouble too if one of their patrons does something that causes problems for others.

Jason Charles Is In The Smith County Jail charged with intoxication manslaughter.

Smith County Jail
Smith County Jail

According to police, Charles was driving a black Chevy Silverado, which struck the rear of a white Dodge Ram driven by 17 year old Lillian Dawn Thornburgh, a Tyler Legacy high school senior on the night of Jan. 14th. Thornburgh's car hit a curb and flipped into the front yard of a residence. She was pinned in the cab of the truck as the cab mostly collapsed. Both were taken to UT Health by EMS.

Thornburgh would succumb to her injuries 2 days later while in the hospital.

Going to Jail

Charles was able to exit his vehicle as it struck a tree and according to an arrest affidavit, while Charles was on the way to the hospital after the crash, an officer heard him say he had his “favorite drink,” which is Crown and coke, about six times at the Rose City Draft House in Tyler. He was later arrested.

TABC Investigated Rose City Draft House

Google Maps
Google Maps

Police later collected three receipts from the Rose City Draft House showing the drinks he purchased included Crown Royal. The ABC code states that the business must not operate in a place or manner that endangers public safety and TABC plans on pursuing administrative charges for sale of alcoholic beverage to an intoxicated person and violations of the Alcoholic Beverage Code. The case is still pending and no penalties have been issued yet.

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