All I've done through this pandemic is work and stay at home. I have had to get out, but only to make a run for groceries. But yesterday (April 15), I got out to take care of some essential business and it really made me feel that there is a portion of East Texas that just doesn't get it.

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I'm at the grocery store to get enough stock to last for a while. As I'm navigating the isles, people were constantly getting into my six foot bubble. It's called social distancing. Stay six feet away from someone to prevent the spread of a virus. What part of this do you not get?

A trip to grocery store is not a playground for your kids. One dude had his three kids, oldest probably 7, pushing a cart of stuff trying to keep them wrangled in. That's not happening with kids that young. Then I hear him say "let's go find your mom." So, all of you decide to go to the store then split up?! How bout staying home and one, ONE, of you goes?

As I'm waiting in line to check out, a dad has both his boys, probably both 5 or 6 years old. He's putting his stuff on the conveyor belt getting ready to check out. His boys are on the floor ten feet behind him playing with the stuff on the shelf. I'm eight feet behind the kids. Dude, have someone stay at home to watch them or wait until someone can before heading out.

The grocery store is not a playground or excuse to get your kids out. Take them to a park, or the back yard, or somewhere away from people.

Yeah I'm bitching but I'm there to get enough stuff to last long enough so I don't have to get out for a long period of time and you should be doing the same, by yourself, not with the entire family.

Having said all that, most of East Texas gets it, but there are a select few who don't and really need to adhere to the protective orders in place until this is over. It's hard, I get it. But until we stay home unless we absolutely have to, this won't go away and we can't get back to normal.

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