Oh Jesse, what have you gotten yourself into? Actor Aaron Paul has returned to social media lately, and two recent somewhat cryptic hints have led many to believe that he’s teasing a Breaking Bad movie.

Adding to the excitement for Breaking Bad fans is the fact that fellow Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston has been mirroring Paul’s social media posts with ones on his own typically within hours of Paul’s postings. The latest posting actually shows the two actors wading across a stream together in what looks like the southwestern U.S. and one might suspect it being the Rio Grande river.

The first post that both actors featured put up was a shot of two burros with the comment “Soon.” The second is the shot of the wading actors with the comment “Even sooner.”

Even though the Breaking Bad series wrapped things up solidly enough for Jesse and Walter, Deadline reports that the supposed Breaking Bad film will serve as a sequel to their adventures. Creator Vince Gilligan is on board for the project as well, with the movie being targeted for Netflix and AMC.

There is speculation that a film titled Greenbriar that was listed as starting production last November in the Albuquerque area is actually the Breaking Bad film. The log line for said film states that the movie follows the escape of a kidnapped man and his quest for freedom, leading some fans to speculate that Paul’s Jesse Pinkman is the man on the run after the events of the series finale.

Interestingly enough, Paul tweeted about taking a break from all social media back in mid-December, needing “some time to focus on work and family.” With production supposedly starting in November, he likely would have been in the midst of work on the Breaking Bad film, perhaps resisting the temptation to speak of his return to the much beloved project.

Talk of a Breaking Bad movie began last fall. The television series ran 62 episodes over five seasons, finally wrapping in 2013. The critically lauded series also spun off the current AMC favorite, Better Call Saul.

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