I don't even know how this qualifies as a State Park, but the State of Texas says that it is.

Ever Heard of Acton State Park?

If I told you this was an official State Park in Texas, you would think I was a liar. Sitting on .006 of an acre. The State of Texas officially recognizes Acton State Park. This small plot of land is the grave site to the second wife of a very important Texan, Elizabeth P. Crockett. She was married to Davey Crockett and was awarded a plot of Texas land after his bravery at the battle of the Alamo.

Why is This a Texas State Park?

Well Elizabeth took her sweet time in claiming the land that the State of Texas awarded her. She sat on the claim for seventeen years! At that point, all the big chunks of land were purchased and she used half of her life savings to get a very small portion of land to call her own. I guess the state of Texas felt bad since she missed out on getting some good land.

Elizabeth Crockett Grave Site

Elizabeth passed away in 1853, but in 1911 the State of Texas officially declared her grave site a State Park. The fenced in area is maintained by the State of Texas and they even erected that pillar for $2,000 to honor the widow of the Texas legend. What's crazy to me, this isn't the smallest State Park in America.

Check Out Mills End Park Above

I swear to God that the state of Oregon officially recognizes that insanely small patch of land as a state park. In fact, it is the smallest State Park in the world and the Guinness World Records officially recognizes it as such. We all like to think of State Parks as these insane patches of land that we can spend the day exploring. Sometimes, you can literally jump across the entire State Park in a single leap.

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