Owning your very own castle would be a dream come true, but they are difficult to find and if you want to build your own it’s going to take lots of money. Which is why I wanted to see if there were any castles available on Airbnb as a rental. I’ve seen castles for sale in the state of Texas but when looking at rentals I was only able to find one. The only castle available to rent is in Lago Vista, Texas and is mesmerizing but it also comes with a huge price tag even for a short stay. 

The castle vacation rental in Texas has a minimum 2-night stay which is common with rentals but the cost is normally between $3,500-$4,500 per night. Yeah, that is going to take a chunk out of your bank account but if you’re wanting to find a property for a company retreat or possibly a family reunion where everyone helps split the cost, you would make some amazing memories staying at this castle. 

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How Big is the Airbnb Castle Rental in Lago Vista, Texas? 

This place is very big with 17 beds in 7 bedrooms and there are 8 ½ bathrooms. So, plenty of room for everyone, plus the views are astonishing.  

Lots of Activities at Airbnb Castle in Texas 

Beyond admiring the beautiful castle you would be staying in, there are lots of activities included in this rental. There is a game room with a pool table, foosball, shuffleboard and built-in bar. There is also one-complimentary in-home cooked brunch for up to 8 people prepared by the castle staff during your rental.  

Just check out these amazing photos: 

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