Have an American Express card that you never leave home without? You can expect a refund.

According to a report by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, American Express will be refunding $85 million to some 250,000 customers due to what officials are calling deceptive practices that include the charging of illegal late fees and discrimination against applicants 35 years old and up.

For nearly a decade, American Express was guilty of committing various infractions against its card owners that cheated customers into believing they were obtaining benefits like sign-up bonuses and improved credit scores that never came to pass.

Along with paying customer refunds, the credit card giant must also pay a penalty of nearly $28 million that will be divvied up between the CFPB, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the Federal Reserve and the Comptroller of the Currency.

In a statement regarding the refund, American Express said they were currently in the process of making things right with their customers.

American Express is the third financial institution the CFPB has found guilty this year of unfair consumer practices, following Discover and Capital One.


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