Apple has just unveiled another update to its wallet and it has plans to completely replace your ID.

I really like the concept of having everything you need on your phone including your ID. Which makes a lot of sense because I'm honestly more afraid of losing my phone than losing my physical wallet. My only concern would be security. 

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I've never really been a big fan of Apple, to be honest. But I'm starting to feel the draw more and more especially with this new update to your wallet. With details showing that even TSA will accept the ID feature on the app, that might be all I need to convert over to the dark side.

Let's take a step back though. Let's not forget that Apple did suffer from a major hack not too long ago which compromised millions of people's personal information. So the question would be is this new update safe? Well, I would argue yes. Major hacks only happen so often and to be honest, everyone eventually gets hacked, even banks. So if your comfortable having your bank info on your wallet, then your personal ID should be a no-brainer.

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