May the 4th is a fun holiday for Star Wars fans. It is a day to wear our favorite shirt, sit down for a movie marathon or build our best cosplay. It is a great day to celebrate the fandom of a beloved franchise, even if that fandom can get into some toxic complaining sometimes. However you decide to celebrate Star Wars, may it be as fun as this magician.

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Yoda said, "Do or do not. There is no try." That is what the guys at Penguin Magic do here. They are set up at an inconspicuous hot dog stand to prank people using The Force. He is not successful with his first mind trick, trying to get his hotdog for free. It's when he realizes that the ketchup bottle is empty that his force powers begin to work.

He asks the person next to him for their ketchup. Instead of having them pass it to him, he reaches out with his hand and uses the force to bring the ketchup bottle to him. His force powers even rattle some metal signs, too.

The reactions of the patrons ranges from this is pretty cool to being completely freaked out to announcing that they are a vegetarian. (Two quick questions: Why is someone who claims to be a vegetarian at a hotdog stand? Why does anyone who is a vegetarian feel it's necessary to announce, with no provocation, that they are vegetarian?)

You have to give props to the magician for his commitment to the look of a Jedi in training. The robe and pants are on point. I wonder who his Jedi teacher is.

May the 4th Be With You.

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