Shocker! The annoying arcade claw game, is rigged! no really. All of us are familiar with the claw game. This game never pays out - ever. It only teases you. Personally I despise the game. If you have a child, I bet you despise the game as well. Every kid wants to play the claw game and every parent know that it's just a waste of money and time. Heck, you might as well throw your money out of the window of a car.

A new study is out that determines that arcade games are rigged. (I could have told you that) The popular claw game, just eats up your quarters as you try to maneuver the hanging claw to grab a stuffed animal or toy, has nothing to do with skill but is all about luck and who's operating it. Duh!

As a matter of fact, the operators of the machines determine how much they should pay out.

Basically, most crane games are designed so the claw is randomly (and only once in many games) strong enough to let players win. Some even weaken in strength after a short time so players get close to victory only to see it slip from their grasp.

Check out this video and watch the claw game in action.