Sadly, some schools have had to eliminate or reduce the number of arts classes. This includes band, theater, art and others. Science has proven that having these courses improves the learning process for students. That's where Arts 4 All Kids comes in. They provide assistance to schools to get kids into various classes of the arts.

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When talking with Executive Director Amy Baskin, we learn that this program has many great ways to enhance a student's education experience. One example given was the "Singing Zoologist". He uses music to teach about zoological topics. This could be about the importance of the wetlands, endangered species or the environment.

I know a method like this would have greatly improved my educational experience when I was in school.

Arts 4 All Kids has a partnership with Tyler Independent School District right now. This helps the school bring in an artist to, for instance, a school that is not big enough for a band but they can bring an instructor to start a drum line. Dance has also been in some middle schools for over a decade. Arts 4 All Kids is paid by Tyler ISD to bring in a dance instructor which saves some money for the school district and also brings some top notch instruction.

Get all the details on what Arts 4 All Kids can do for your school in the interview at the top of the page. For all the details on Arts 4 All Kids, visit

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