Just about every person living in the state of Texas leaves their home each day with their wallet or purse. It’s one of those things that we check often to make sure we have it with us. It’s keys, wallet, and phone for me but federal officials are saying there is one certain thing that you don’t want to carry around with you, it’s for your own safety.  

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This has nothing to do with the pictures you’ve had in your wallet for way too long, and it’s not about using physical cash either. The one thing that federal officials want to make sure you’re not carrying around with you is your Social Security identification card.  

Why is Your Social Security Card So Valuable? 

The reason it’s so important to leave your Social Security card at home is because all a thief needs is your name and Social Security card number and they can apply for credit, open new bank accounts, or even steal the tax return that you deserve. 


You Don’t Need Your Social Security Card 

According to the Social Security Administration, your Social Security Card is not an identification document. What that means is that you can use other documents to show proof if identification is needed, such as a birth certificate or permanent resident card.  

You will never need to show your Social Security card for housing, health insurance, or food assistance benefits. You’ll never need your S.S. card for tax purposes either. So, to avoid a bunch of headaches and chaos just leave your Social Security card at home in a safe place.  

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