WAITE PARK -- Dancing is more popular than ever these days thanks to TV shows like "World of Dance" and "Dancing with the Stars".

Melinda Tamm is the owner of Ms. Melinda's Dance Studio in Waite Park. She says that's especially true here in Minnesota.

We here in the state of Minnesota are so fortunate because we are one of the top states for dance outside of New York and Los Angeles.  So we have such a great atmosphere, a lot of studios, a lot of ballroom clubs, there are so many opportunities for people to get out and dance.

She says with men performing on several popular TV competition shows these days more boys are interested in taking up the sport.

Male figures in the dance world have become more and more popular especially with some of these really well renowned choreographers being male.  I am the mother of two boys and they both dance and love it.

Tamm says after doing classes online for several months due to COVID-19 restrictions they are back in the studio now, but she is capping class sizes, and they do have hybrid options available.

They offer classes for kids ages two-years-old up to 18-year-old in a variety of dance styles.

Ms. Melinda's Dance Studio is celebrating its 15th anniversary this season.

Next Saturday, September 19th is National Dance Day.

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